Ever wonder how much you could achieve in a
single year if you really had to?

In the new book ‘Million Dollar Year’, network marketer Peter Caswell is faced with just such a challenge. And what does he do? He takes a cruise.

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A Personal Message from ‘Million Dollar Year’, authors Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz…

Welcome to the Million Dollar Year™ Official book website!

We’re very excited about our new book, but before we tell you about it we’d like to say thanks to all of you who helped make our previous book, Go for No!®, a runaway #1 Bestseller in the ‘Sales’ category on Amazon.com. Its success has provided us with the unique opportunity to get to know some of the world’s top speakers, trainers, authors and Network Marketing superstars.

And two of those superstars are Art Jonak and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, founders of a unique and powerful event called The MLM Cruise.

Now in its 24th year, The MLM Cruise attracts many of Network Marketing’s biggest ‘movers & shakers’… including some who have achieved annual incomes in excess of one million dollars… to have fun, build relationships, and share ‘success secrets’ with one another. Needless to say, this event has become one of the must-do personal development highlights of our year.

And that’s where the idea for the book ‘Million Dollar Year’ came from!

We thought… Why not write a book about the people we’ve met and some of the life-changing ‘lessons’ we’ve been lucky enough to learn from these amazing, high-income MLM professionals?

A few testimonials…
Here’s what some of the professions greatest leaders have to say…

"Set sail for the journey of a lifetime! Richard and Andrea are your captains as they guide you through hidden passages leading you from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, from good to great." – Brian Biro

"Growing a career in the Network Marketing profession for 15 years has been an investment beyond measure and through it all; nothing ever ceases to amaze me. Then I read this little treasure chest filled with a simple path to follow for improving our lives and the lives of so many others when we give back. All we have to do is grab hold, go to work and never give up!" – Sue Seward

"A crock pot of bright ideas, brilliant insights, and inspiring words." – Randy Gage

"If you want and need to get your Network Marketing business off the ground, Million Dollar Year” provides key steps to achieve that." – Tammy Stanley

"Go for No is one of my favorite books. Richard & Andrea prove again that success is not a matter of luck but a decision made and a price paid. Well done." – Paula Pritchard

"Richard and Andrea have done it again. I love how they use parables and stories to teach timeless success principles. This book will inspire you to TAKE ACTION and make this your very best year ever!" – Noah St. John, inventor of Afformations® and #1 bestselling author of The Secret Code of Success

"Reading ‘Million Dollar Year’ is almost like being on the cruise ship and being coached by those who have done it!" – Jordan Adler

"Million Dollar Year is a quick read, but packed with wisdom embedded in the story. This is a must read for all network marketers." – Rod Nicols

"In Go for No! fashion, Million Dollar Year is a simple story that tackles powerful principles. Richard and Andrea have done it again!" – Ty Bennett

"This book is another great tool for anyone serious about building a business." – Ray Higdon

"Richard and Andrea have perfected the art of distilling complex sales concepts down to their simple essence. Here they go again…" – Weldon Long

"This book has tons of golden nuggets that will help those that are serious, take their network marketing business to the next level!" – Tyler Ford

"An insightful and dynamic read on how to transform your thinking and your MLM business." – Tom Haupt

"As the gold-toothed Jamaican said, ‘No Mon, you know what to do, now do it!" – Donna Johnson

"The best books out there are written by authors who are in the trenches with the people who read them. That’s the case with Rich and Andrea. They live this message!" – Lisa Jimenez

"Million Dollar Year is a fun and educational read. I will be using it as a gift for some of my direct sales clients this year." – Deb Bixler

Do YOU have a sense of urgency about your business?
YOU should.The clock is ticking on us all!
Authors of the #1 AMAZON ‘Sales’ Bestseller Go for No!®
and the new,
Million Dollar Year™
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